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Get to Know Annie!

Where are you from? I’m from Peru

What do you do in your free time? I work, I go home, on occasion I go to Walmart. So I have lots of free time. I binge the latest trashy shows, read, and make some all-occasion ornaments. 

Favorite part of your job? Where else would I get paid to talk? And those who know me know I love to talk.

Previous job experiences? I’ve worked in radio all over the place, from Arizona to Oregon. 

Favorite snack food? If it’s edible, I’ll snack on it for the most part.

Morning Show Program Schedule

During the Morning Show, we want to keep you in the know with the information you need to start YOUR day! (all times listed in the AM hour on Central Time)

6:00 am – National Anthem
6:04 am – Local / State News
6:20 am – Local Weather – Evergreen Place Supportive Living
6:30 am – Local / State News
6:33 am – Local Weather
6:40 am – Sports with Big Al

7:00 am – Local / State News
7:03 am – Local Weather
7:20 am – Chart Topper of the Day
7:25 am – Local Weather
7:30 am – Local / State News – Wright’s Furniture
7:35 am – Local Weather
7:40 am – Sports with Big Al
7:50 am – Birthday Club

8:00 am – Local / State News
8:02 am – Local Weather
8:05 am – Obituaries
8:20 am – Streator Community Calendar
8:30 am – Odd Holidays
8:30 am – Local Weather
8:30 am – Local News – Streator Home Savings Bank
8:40 am – Sports with Big Al

9:00 am – Local / State News – Streator Home Savings Bank
9:03 am – Local Weather

10:02 am – Local / State News


The Morning Show is sponsored by Liberty Village of Streator