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Best nacho topping options

The best toppings for nachos can vary depending on your personal preferences, but here are some popular options:…

The most delicious sandwiches

On National Sandwich Day, we look for the most delicious sandwich there is!  Here are some classic and…

Best cookies of all time

The title of the “best cookies of all time” is highly subjective and can vary greatly depending on…

This or that: book edition

It is National Authors Day & National Family Literacy Day, to celebrate, here are some this or that…

Will you trick or will you treat?

Here’s a list of common “tricks” and “treats” associated with Halloween: Tricks: Telling a Halloween-themed joke. Doing a…

Different uses for pumpkin

Pumpkins are versatile and can be used in various ways beyond just carving for Halloween. Here are some…

How to cheer up a crabby coworker

Remember to gauge their mood and personality when trying these fun methods, and respect their boundaries. The goal…

History of the US Armed Forces

The history of the United States armed forces is rich and diverse, spanning several centuries. Here’s a brief…
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