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Shot gun wedding in Florida takes a different turn

DAVIE, FL — Weddings are a time for celebration, food, togetherness, and some great music.  One venue in Florida recently tried to get the DJ to cut the music off early because the worker was afraid of receiving a noise pollution violation for the venue.  The DJ told the worker that he was playing the last song of the night and lowered the music, even though they still had 40 minutes left with the venue.  The worker unsuccessfully tried to tussle with the DJ to shut him down so he left the party area.  He returned shortly after with the owner and a gun.  The owner began pointing the gun at the bride, DJ, and wedding guests ordering them to leave the venue.  Multiple guests recorded the incident and took it to social media.  One guest had their phone slapped out of her hand by the owner during his fit, while another suffered a contusion and internal bleeding from him punching her.
When authorities arrived the owner and worker were arrested.  The owner is pending charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  The worker was taken into custody and is facing battery, resisting arrest, and violating probation charges.

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